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Treatment of Gingivitis

Patient has a mouth infection diagnosed as a "trench mouth" better known as ulcerative gingivitis. It is painful with multiple ulcers, a bad taste in the mouth and halitosis.

It is treated with antibiotics followed by a scaling, root-planing and oral hygiene instruction. The result shows healthy tissues. Failure to undergo the above treatment would result in recurrence of infection and further tissue destruction. Smoking and stress are causative factors together with poor oral hygiene.

Gum Tissue Overgrowth Correction

The first slide depicts marked overgrowth of gum tissue due to the effect of medication superimposed on medication for a medical problem.

The second slide shows the result after treatment and institution of correct daily oral hygiene home-care.

Front Tooth Correction And Crown Replacement

This case shows the unaesthetic appearance of the upper front teeth when one tooth is longer than the rest and the second slide the corrected situation which required minimal gum surgery with local anaesthesia in the dental chair and the subsequent placement of a new crown

Replacement of a missing tooth with a dental implant

Patients presents with a missing upper right front tooth.

The tooth was replaced with an implant retained crown.

Crown Replacement

2 slides to show a correctly prepared tooth for crown placement - note the pale pink firm appearance of healthy gum tissue. No crown, bridgework or implant placement should be carried out prior to rendering the tissues healthy.

Treatment of a recession defect

Before treatment

After treatment